Traveling with ALS

Traveling with ALS: It is possible!

On April 6, Isabelle Ducharme, the president of Kéroul, shared some helpful tips about accessible tourism. Whether the goal of your trip is relaxation, adventure or self-exploration, traveling is not only a possibility, it is a reality! Here are three ways you can travel the world without restrictions.


The Chantal Lanthier Award

“The Chantal Lanthier Award is to be awarded to a volunteer whose remarkable contribution to our mission makes them an inspiration to others. Since her diagnosis, Chantal has advocated, heart and soul, for the rights of people living with ALS and their caregivers. This award was created to act as a perpetual reminder of her profound humanity, which has touched so many of us.”


Chantale Grenon-Nyenhuis

It’s hard to believe that between working full-time, packing lunches, and going to hockey practices, a mother of four would add “VOLUNTEERING” in big letters to her calendar. Yet, Chantale Grenon-Nyenhuis continues to grab her brightest, boldest pen each month, and add the word which is so meaningful to her.


Justine Martineau

Between homework, exams, friends, and family, it may seem unimaginable for a 17 year old teenager to find time to volunteer. But for a cause that is close to her heart, Justine Martineau manages to do just that and in a remarkable way.


Ron Williams

Ron Williams is among the few who prefer meeting face to face instead of communicating via email. In his leather-covered black briefcase, he safeguards pamphlets, articles, and promotional posters – all evidence of his many charitable achievements. He exudes pride and a profound consideration for the world around him.


Mylène Duchesneau

Mylène Duchesneau knows the importance of giving time for a cause that is dear to her heart. As a professional graphic designer, she understands the value of donating her time and skills, much to the pleasure of the ALS Society.