I’m challenging you!

Sports have always been an integral part of my life. Skiing and biking were my passions. My biggest challenge was a 6 hour cross country ski crossing of Lac Saint-Jean.

Today, at the age of 53, I face new daily challenges. I have been living with ALS for almost 10 years now.

After losing part of my motor skills and voice, I accepted the fact that I can no longer practice the sports that I love, but I still have the will to be heard and the desire to fight and conquer this disease.

On September 4th, I challenged my idol, Pierre Lavoie (triathlete) to the Ice Bucket Challenge. He not only accepted the challenge but he added a sports dimension to it by swimming 5 km in the cold waters of the Rivière Saguenay.

In support of those, who like me, lost the freedom to practice the sports that they love, I challenge you to take an #ALSSportsChallenge of your choice.

I’m confident that together, we will succeed in creating a movement of hope for the ALS Community!
Thank you for your support,

Claude Fortin
Living with ALS since 2007

Pierre Lavoie invites you to take the challenge too!

”I know Claude Fortin well. He’s a source of courage for many. By taking up his challenge, I wanted to pay tribute to the man and the athlete he once was. Since I already did the Ice Bucket Challenge several months ago, I wanted to respond to Claude’s challenge in a way that resembles me. In Saguenay, the water is also just as cold!

And now, other Quebecers can, in turn, take-up their own sports challenge. We know more about ALS thanks to the Ice Bucket Challenge. If we can undertake together other challenges in the following days and weeks or months, our efforts won’t fade into oblivion. We need to help further research that will find a treatment and support families affected by this horrible disease.”

Take the #ALSSportsChallenge in 3 simple steps

Do like Pierre Lavoie: take an ALS sports Challenge of your choice. Whether you dance, swim or do yoga, capture a video of your exploit.

Challenge 3 of your friends and invite your network to make a donation on the ALS Sports Challenge official page.

Share your video on social media in public mode. Make sure you use the hashtag #ALSSportsChallenge.

They took the challenge too!

Louis Potvin, journalist at the Quotidien behind the interview with Claude Fortin where it all began, pushed his limits for ALS: he did a 15km trip on a rowing machine after Denis Bouchard, editor-in-chief at le Quotidien, challenged him.

Thank you to Simon Roy-Martel and his team at NRJ Lac Saint-Jean radio who all took part in the movement and have pedaled during almost 3 hours and a half for ALS!

Claudine Cook, Executive Director of the Society, and Diane Tkalec, board member, also tested their limits and took part in a 2 hour-long spinning class. Congratulations Claudine and Diane!