How Your Donation Helps

By participating to our benefit events, you help the ALS Society of Quebec to continue fulfilling its mission in providing services and support for those affected by the disease as well as contributing to much needed research in finding a cause and eventually a cure. In addition, your participation helps to increase public awareness of ALS and of the many challenges faced everyday by people affected by this disease.

“It seems the human only reveals himself when faced with a challenge. I am facing the biggest challenge of my life, which will require on all my inner strength. This disease, it is oneself challenge, but until the end, it is life, always life. Your contribution to this weekend and therefore the funds raised will allow not only to feed our hope to find a cure, but also to make this so essential difference regarding our day to day quality of life. Thank you!”

– Chantal Lanthier, living with ALS. Read Chantal’s story

Thank you for participating to our benefit event, for organizing fundraisings and for donating for the cause! Members of the ALS Society of Quebec as well as people living with ALS are very grateful.