There are many reasons which could inspire you to become a volunteer. To volunteer is to make a contribution to the fulfillment of our mission. Cyclist or not, you can play a crucial role which contributes to the success of Ride to the fight ALS.

Although you aren’t obliged, we encourage all volunteers to help raise funds via their network! Asking friends and family to donate and to support your volunteer actions help us reach our common goal!

Your Privileges as a Volunteer

  • Volunteer for one day and get:
  • One T-Shirt
    Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks
    Discounts at Cycle Néron
  • Volunteer for 2-4 days and get:
  • 2 T-Shirts
    Breakfast, lunches, dinners and snacks
    2 volunteering days = one night
    3 volunteering days = two nights
    4 volunteering days = three nights
    Discounts at Cycle Néron

Whether you’re a photography expert or a master in distributing sandwiches, we have something for you!

  • Before the Challenge

    A month before

    • Assemble the participant kit
    • Prepare items for the auction
    • Get vehicles from different car dealers
    • Make various purchases
    • Perform internet searches
  • Snacks and Meals on the Road

    3 days

     Prerequisite: have strong legs(because you’ll stand for long periods of time!)

    • Load your vehicle with required items
    • Locate and set up the snack station on the road
    • Distribute meals and snacks
    • Control crowds
    • Keep the area clean
    • Assist with event clean-up
    • Make an inventory of consumed items
  • Back-up vehicle

    3 days

    Prerequisite: have a valid driver’s license!

    • Drive a vehicle
    • Safely follow the group
    • Communicate with other key people and vehicles on the route
    • Assist participants if needed
    • Transport cyclists and their bikes if needed
  • Security and signage

    3 days

    Prerequisite: wear the orange vest with style!

    • Warn drivers that the cycling tour is taking place
    • Monitor crowded intersections
    • Direct and cheer cyclists
  • Tour Leader

    3 days

    Prerequisite : Mechanical knowledge, a toolbox and a bike!

    • Ride with participants
    • Deal with minor mechanical issues
    • Provide assistance if needed
  • Take Down / Clean-Up


    Prerequisite: be strong!

    • Remove bike racks
    • Assist with event clean-up
    • Load the delivery truck with boxes
  • Set up

    Thursday evening and/or Friday morning

    Prerequisite: versatility!

    • Get the site ready for cyclists
    • Move tables and chairs
    • Hang signs
    • Set up tents
    • Unload boxes from the delivery truck
    • Assemble bicycle racks
  • Set up and recovery of directional cones on the route

    3 days

    Prerequisite: have a valid driver’s license!

    • Place directional cones on the sides of the road before cyclists start their ride (team 1)
    • Recover directional cones at the end of the day (team 2)
    • Move heavy material (directional cones)
    • Drive a vehicle
    • Follow driving directions
  • Team leader

    3 days and prior to the event

    Prerequisite: be resourceful and organised!

    • Ensure a phone follow-up (prior to the event) with volunteers under your charge
    • Motivate team mates
    • Supervise volunteers’ work during the event
  • Bikes and luggage room

    3 days

    Prerequisite: be alert!

    • Manipulate bikes carefully
    • Identify luggage
    • Watch the room when it’s unlocked during arrival and departure of cyclists
  • First aid providers

    3 days

    Prerequisite : a first aid training and a first aid kit!

    • Intervene in case of medical needs
    • First-aid providers will be paired with a driver who follows the route (possibility of being a motorcycle passenger)
  • Greeters

    Thursday evening, Friday morning, Sunday morning

    Prerequisite: be a morning person!

    • Welcome and direct participants
    • Distribute the material
    • Set up and take down the greeting station
  • Photographer/videographer

    3 days

    Prerequisite: have a good eye! (and a camera)

    • Take pictures and videos of  participants and  volunteers in action
    • Move to strategic places of the route to immortalize cyclists
    • Solicit teams to take their pictures
  • Community manager

    3 days

    Prerequisite : be connected!

    • Publish pictures and videos of the event on our social medias (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
    • Use the official event hashtags
    • Create, in real time, content when required
    • Monitor social media content posted by users
    • Measure the event impact on social media with performance indicators
  • Entertainer

    3 days

    Prerequisite: be cheerful!

    • Warmly greet cyclists at the finish line
    • Play music at the start and finish line
    • Cheer cyclists on the route
    • Distribute temporary tattoos and other promotional objects
  • Auction

    Friday and Saturday evening

    Prerequisite:  love festive atmospheres!

    • Set up auction items in an attractive way
    • Look after items during Saturday evening’s auction

One of these roles makes you want to join us? For more information, please contact our Fund development coordinator.