Goal: $285,000
Raised: $431,850
Sponsors: 2338
100% of goal achieved
Top Fundraisers
1 Albert Dalpe-Messier $14280
2 Daniel Malandruccolo $14250
3 Marc Hébert $12365
4 Gary Nassibian $9200
5 Brian De Filippo $8900
6 Chantale Grenon-Nyenhuis $7005
7 Simon Tooley $6445
8 Diane Tkalec $6345
9 Gilbert Hajj $6300
10 Pierre Madore $5405

Volunteering means taking your time to give to a cause you believe in. It means applying your skills towards helping those who need it the most. Volunteering means making a significant difference in the achievement of our mission. Cyclist or not, if the cause is dear to you, join our team and help us make the Ride to fight ALS a great success!

Your privileges as a volunteer

Volunteering for the Ride to fight ALS also means having access to:

One volunteering day:

-The volunteer t-shirt;

-Dinner and snacks;

– Free parking.

2 to 4 volunteering days:

-2 volunteering t-shirts;

-Suppers, dinners and snacks;

– Accomodation;
2 volunteering days = one night
3 volunteering days = two nights
4 volunteering days = three nights

– Cycle Néron discounts;

– Free parking.

Whether you’re a photography expert or a master in distributing sandwiches, we have something for you!

  • Before the challenge

    A month before

    -Assemble the participant kit
    -Prepare items for the auction
    -Get vehicles from different car dealers
    -Make various purchases
    -Do internet searches

  • Snacks and meals on the road

    3 days

     Prerequisite: have strong legs(because you’ll stand for long periods of time!)

    -Load your vehicle with necessary items to realize this task
    and set up the snack station on the road
    -Distribute meals and snacks
    -Control crowds
    -Keep the area clean
    -Assist with event clean up
    -Make an inventory of consumed items

  • Back-up vehicle

    3 days

    Prerequisite: have a valid driver’s license!

    -Drive a vehicle
    -Safely follow the group
    -Communicate with other key people and vehicles on the route
    -Assist participants if needed
    -Transport cyclists and their bikes if needed

  • Security and signage

    3 days

    Prerequisite: wear the orange vest with style!

    -Warn drivers that the cycling tour is taking place
    -Monitor crowded intersections
    -Direct and cheer cyclists

  • Framers

    3 days

    Prerequisite : Mechanical knowledge, a toolbox and a bike!

    -Ride with participants
    -Deal with minor mechanical issues.
    -Provide assistance if needed

  • Animation

    3 days

    Prerequisite: be cheerful!

    -Warmly greet cyclists at the finish line
    -Play music at the start and finish line
    -Cheer cyclists on the route
    -Distribute temporary tattoos and other promotional objects

  • Take Down / Clean-Up


    Prerequisite: be strong!

    -Remove bike racks
    -Assist with event clean up
    the delivery truck with boxes

  • Team leader

    3 days

    Prerequisite: be resourceful and organized!

    -Ensure a phone follow-up with volunteers under your charge
    -Motivate  team mates
    -Supervise volunteers’ work during the event

  • Set up

    Thursday evening and/or Friday morning

    Prerequisite: versatility!

    -Get the site ready for cyclists
    -Move tables and chairs
    -Hang signs
    -Set up tents
    -Unload boxes from the delivery truck
    -Assemble bicycle racks

  • Greeters

    Thursday evening, Friday morning, Sunday morning

    Prerequisite: be a morning person!

    -Welcome and direct participants
    -Distribute the material
    -Set up and take down the greeting station

  • Set up and recovery of directional cones on the route

    3 days

    Prerequisite: have a valid driver’s license!

    -Place directional cones on the sides of the road before cyclists start their ride (team 1)
    -Recover directional cones at the end of the day (team 2)
    heavy material (directional cones)
    -Drive a vehicle
    -Follow driving directions

  • Bikes and luggage room

    3 days

    Prerequisite: be alert!

    -Manipulate bikes carefully
    -Identify luggage
    -Watch the room when it’s unlocked during arrival and departure of cyclists

  • First aid providers

    3 days

    Prerequisite : a first aid training and a first aid kit!

    -Intervene in case of medical needs
    -First-aid providers will be paired with a driver who follows the route (possibility of being a motorcycle passenger)

  • Cocktail and auction

    Friday and Saturday evening

    Prerequisite:  love festive atmospheres!

    -Set up the cocktail room
    -Provide beverage service (beer and wine)
    -Set up auction items in an attractive way
    -Look after items during Saturday evening’s auction

  • Photographer/videographer

    3 days

    Prerequisite: have a good eye! (and a camera)

    -Take pictures and videos of  participants and  volunteers in action
    -Move to strategic places of the route to immortalize cyclists
    -Solicit teams to take their pictures

  • Community manager

    3 days

    Prerequisite : be connected!

    -Publish pictures and videos of the event on our social medias (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
    the official event hashtags
    -Create ,in real time, content when required
    -Monitor social media content posted by users
    -Measure the event impact on social media with performance indicators

One of these roles makes you want to join us? For more information, please contact our Fund development coordinator.