Gilles Martel: moving forward, one walk at a time

In 2003, the letters “A-L-S” increasingly resonated with the daily life of Gilles Martel. While a certain Jean Lepage raised funds for ALS in the Charlevoix region, his very good friend Ghislain, and his wife Angèle, were facing the consequences of the disease. “We had known them for 25, 30 years. Everything in Ghislain’s personal […]


Nathalie Savard: “We all need to give, without expecting anything in return”

  September 18, 2013. Wilfrid, Nathalie Savard’s dad, learns he has ALS. The following month, Nathalie contacts the ALS Society of Quebec and learns that the team needs help with the Baie-Comeau ALS Walk. She, along with her sisters and her uncle, immediately jump on the opportunity to get involved. “We are happy to have […]


Elyse Claude Léveillé, Paula Stone and Diane Tkalec: sharing their expertise to support families

  Elyse Claude Léveillé, Paula Stone and Diane Tkalec have traveled very different roads. This did not keep them, however, from putting their individual skills in service of a common goal: offering the best possible support to families who live with ALS everywhere across the province. All three are volunteers in the Society’s Programs and […]


Annie Huard: Giving a voice to caregivers

  As an ambassador for HealthPartners and the Society, Annie Huard generously shares her story not only to raise ALS awareness, but also to give a voice to the hundreds of caregivers who often forget to take care of themselves. In 2007, Annie’s world toppled over when her partner Claude, a perfectly healthy man, learnt […]


Quebec Walks for ALS

All across Canada, thousands of people gather together and walk for ALS to demonstrate their support and solidarity towards families touched by the disease and Quebec is no exception.  From the Outaouais to Rivière-du-Loup and then to Montreal, 10 ALS Walks have taken place across the province to raise a total of more than $270,000. […]


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