We offer a financial and technical support to afflicted members of the ALS Society of Quebec, so that they can receive the equipment or services that they require. The equipment and services offered are to facilitate daily living and the mobility of the afflicted person.

Technical aid

Examples: reclining chair (loan or deductible payment), wheelchair (rental), scooter (rental), communication aid (rental or purchase), monitoring (monthly fees only), support bars (rental or purchase), bath bench (rental or purchase)…

Home adaptation

A one-time maximal contribution of $1500 for home adaptations

Financial contribution for particular needs

Maximum financial aid of $500 per fiscal year (November 1 to October 31). Examples: massage therapy, transport to medical appointments, psychological support, respite.

Aid so as to participate in our social activities and support sessions offered by the Society

Financial aid is available for respite services or transport costs. Private adapted transport costs, taxi costs or costs incurred by a driver can be reimbursed when public adapted transport is inexistent or inadequate.

Financial Contribution for Respite – exploratory project (July 2015 – January 2016)

A maximum of $ 1500 per family for respite adapted to needs at home or elsewhere. This funding program is intended to work in complementarity to the key players who are already a part of the caregiving community. The objective of the project is to offer support to the principal caregiver by providing the means to ensure a balance between personal and family needs. Families are responsible for choosing the respite care provider in their territory, and for payment of the first 5 $ / hour for respite care.

Financial contribution for extracurricular activities ( children <18 years) – Exploratory pilot project ( July 2015 to January 2016 )

Financial assistance of $ 300 per child of a parent with ALS, which allow families to continue to offer extracurricular activities for their children, be it sports, art classes, music, or a stay at summer camp, during the illness of their parent.


The request must be completed by a health professional from either the CLSC or other health establishment. The request must include two estimates for the cost of renting or purchasing the required equipment.

Download the request form here.

Please note that the person must be registered with the ALS Society of Quebec in order to be eligible to the program: download the PDF form or register online.

Accessibility Policy

In case of urgent need, our program allows members of ALS Quebec to receive the equipment they need immediately. We are the payer of last resort.

All requests must first be approved by the appropriate funding government agency or organization, such as:

  • Assistive Devices for Daily Living (AVD/AVQ)
  • Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ)
  • Scooter and wheelchair programs from the government of Quebec
  • Communication device programs
  • Income maintenance plan or private insurance, as the case may be

Training Program

For a number of years now, Jean Bilodeau, Consultant in Neuromuscular Respiratory Health and Care has hosted a number of information sessions at the ALS Society of Québec. His presentations at the Montreal ALS office entitled Respiratory Problems: Causes and Potential Solutions for Homecare Use have been hugely successful not only amongst people with ALS and caregivers but with the growing number of healthcare professionals who’ve been attending over the years as well. Mr. Bilodeau is readily available and willing to adapt and provide 2-hour trainings and/or workshops outside of Montreal to better serve and respond to specific needs within the healthcare network. Consulting and coaching sessions from 60 to 90 minutes with healthcare teams dealing with homecare challenges are also offered.

To contact him:
Jean Bilodeau, B.Sc.Inf.
514 235-1151